Thursday, October 25, 2012

1 Month New [ October 25, 2012 ]

Weight: 9lbs 6oz (68th%)

Height: 21in (60th%)

Head size: 14.17in (38th%) - we've been very concerned with this number as daddy has a big noggin, but she's been having a below average sized head. :) 

Health: Baby girl is a healthy baby. My whole pregnancy she was very active with a very strong heart beat and functioning body. She is still very healthy! She passed her APGAR test with a score of 8-9 and each time the peditricians checked her in the hospital they came in and told me how healthy she was. And she passed her hearing test the first run through (which was awesome!). Her first visit to the doctor was the saturday after she was born and she had was one ounce short of gaining her birth weight back within 4 days (impressive) - 7lbs (20th%), 20in long (49th%), 13.18in (10th%) head. Because Livvy checked out so healthy they wanted her back in three weeks. We went back on 10/19 (her current measurements above). Next time we go back is for her two month check up.

Eating: Livvy has had no problem eating! But breastfeeding has been interesting. When we tried to feed right after she was born she screamed, shook her head and pushed away with her hands. :( Since I was so tired and didn't want wee one to starve, I let them give her formula when she went to the nursery the first night. The next day I tried it again and she did the same thing! Unfortunately I didn't see the lactation nurse until really late in the day so I got no help. That being said, I gave in and was just feeding her formula (against my birth plan but oh well!). The second day in the hospital I asked for late check out (LOL) so I could work with the lacation nurse first thing that day. Those nurses are very weird and rather than dealing with them I just told them I wasn't forcing her to do something she didn't want to and if it ended up working - great and if not - oh well. We left it at that and I tired a few times here and there the first two weeks and she really didn't want any part of it. She was getting what she wanted from the bottle and was very content with that. Then on her three week birthday she took it! She was starving and crying her head off so I stuffed a boob in her mouth and viola! She has been taking the boob when I offer it to her which is maybe once or twice a day (some days I do without since it hurts so much!). But because I don't really know how much she gets I let her feed a little and then end up giving her a bottle because I don't want her to get hungry again in 30 minutes. This whole first month I have been able to give her atleast one, ususally two or three 'boob juice' bottles a day which has made me feel alot better about giving her formula. Just as long as she's getting some of the good stuff. :) Pumping is a total pain in the ass to me though... the first 10 or so days were very hard for me (couple melt downs) because I was still adjusting and pumping was just ONE more thing to add to the routine, but now I've got it down. And like I said Liv LOVES eating! She went from eating every two hours to now every 2-3, sometimes 4 hours depending on what were doing. If we're out or she's sleeping she can go alot longer than if were just at home and she's bored (we both like to eat when we're bored!). The past couple days though she has been one hungry hippo! She must be growing because that's all she wants to do is eat with the occasional projectile puke! Eww.

Sleeping: She was a good sleeper when we first brought her home; she was sleeping about 4.5 hrs. Then she started getting up every 2 hours...that sucked! But she's going 2.5-4.5 hr stretches now and we've figured out our routine to maximize our sleep (thank god). We will usually feed her some time between 11pm and 12am and then go to bed. She will usually get up around 3 or 4am and then again at 6 or 7am. I usually nap 8:30-10:30-11pm, we'll feed her, go to bed, Bru ususally gets up first shift and I get up second shift and stay in the living room (usually I'm up then) so Bru can get a good stretch of uninterrupted sleep. This seems to be working for us and it only took about 3 weeks to figure it out! ;) Ducky girl is one noisy sleeper! She grunts, wheezes, sneezes, coughs, giggles, moans and breaths heavily - it's very hard to sleep soundly!

Likes: Eating :), mumford and sons, staring, bath time (esp getting her hair washed), swinging

Dislikes: Burping, getting diapies changed, being in one position for too long, being cold

Outings:  I have been forcing myself to get out and do things since the first two weeks I couldn't drive and couldn't lift her. We've gone to doctors (obvi), Bru's mom's a couple times (since that's all we do is laundry!), my mom's (to meet the puppies), dominics, buy buy baby (a couple times), Bru's dad's, lunch and vonmaur with grammie, yorktown and OB malls and target, gyno and starbucks (just me and Liv). We've also been on a couple walks in the stroller and in the carrier.

New things and firsts: 

Week 1 - Rolled over during tummy time! (woah slow down baby!), smiling in sleep
Week 2 - Holds pip while sucking it, helps me pull bottle into her mouth, holds head up to look at me, pushes off my lap while we're tummy to tummy, looks at herself when I take a pic on my phone, staring, follows things with her eyes, 
Week 3 - belly button fell off, first giggle in her sleep (the single most cutest thing I've ever heard/seen), first smile in response to something I did, 
Week 4 - finally latched!, slept for 5 hours during the night

Best Moment:
Her birthday. :) It truely was the most incredible day of my life. Watching her head come out and seeing her face for the first time was something I'll never forget. Then when they put her on my chest...OMG, it was words can't describe. It felt like the world stopped. . . . . . . 

Nicknames: sweet pea, Livvy girl, Babe, Beebs, Monkey butt, ducky, peanut, baby girl, bay-bee

I guess I didn't take a 1 week pic :((

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nursery REVEAL!

So I finally got around to taking some pics of the finished nursery! Yay! I am REALLY going to try to catch up on this blog. Who knew having a tiny human would be SO time consuming?!!

Little Liv's Lounge

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

packin' our bags!

Here's what we brought with us. Everything we didn't use is marked with "(DU)"

My bag for her
nursing cover (DU), funnels (DU), gel pads (DU), nipple shield, organic boob pads, lanolin (DU), disposable boob pads (DU), pads, granny panties
Her bag
diaper bag, two pips (DU), 3 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of mittens, 2 hats, 3 headbands, birthday book, piggy lovie, newborn jammies (DU), premie jammies (DU),  newborn plain white onesie, newborn outfits - long and short sleeve (DU), premie outfits - long and short sleeve (DU), 0-3 comfy gown - my fave- going home outfit, bloomies, two swaddles, minky blankie (DU) and light jacket (DU)
 My bag
comfy nursing bra, regular nursing bra, slipper flip flops (DU), shower flops (DU), three pairs of comfy socks (DU), phone charger, prenatal vitamins (DU), night gown (DU), straightener, makeup, toiletries, brush, sanitizer (DU), lip gloss, nursing book (DU), baby book, magazine (DU), hospital folder, birth plan, journal (DU), pen (DU), lotion, towel (DU) ((continued below))

boppy, pillow, robe (DU), sleep mask (DU), night light (DU), wet ones (DU), Kleenex (DU), mints (DU), pj pants (DU), night time tank (DU), nursing tank (DU), cover up (DU), shirt for pics
warm clothes, shirt for pics, undies, socks, toiletries, baby kit (DU), movies (DU), snacks, ipad, ipad charger, magazine

11 days before delivery - Bru thought we wouldn't be coming home from the doc so he made us bring everything!
And we didn't get any pics of the actual day leaving for the hospital because i was in such a frenzy! So we can pretend ;)

Joe Cool

As you can see we barely used anything we packed!!! This will be good to know for number two, which is why I'm even posting this!