Thursday, April 25, 2013

7 Months New [ April 25, 2013 ]

Health: only thing healthwise would be her toofies. I noticed one making an appearance on bottom left then a week or so later i noticed one coming in on the bottom right. She's been very fussy and difficult to soothe or put to bed.

Eating: baby picked up her first puff and put it in her mouth! hooray big girl!

Sleeping: it's not the best - she's sometimes inconsolable with these damn teeth... once she's down she's sleeping 8-11hrs a night - even though it doesn't feel that long for me because I don't sleep very sound anymore!

Likes: Eating :), showee time, pippy, talking, giggling {sometimes for no reason at all!}, standing, dolly, bouncing in her jumper, truffles, crawling, being tickled, puffs!, being 'chased' (i just pretend like im coming to get her and she tries to scamper away), peek-a-boo, dancing

Dislikes: loud noises or being told no. which we very rarely say "no" because we don't want her to hear no all the time so we use words like, danger, hot, leave it, i dont think so, absolutely not, not for babies, you can't have that, etc.

New things and firsts: stands holding on to block zoo toy, goes from tummy to sitting on her butt, 'kisses', teefs, grabbing her stuffy [truffles] and pulls it to her face to give him a kissy, calling out 'mama' alot!, took out pip said 'dada' and put it back in!, plays peek-a-boo in the mirror with herself, takes stuff out of picnic basket and puts it back in, we found her sitting up in her crib the same day we decided to move it to the lowest level, daddy said go to mommy and she turned to me and put her arms up for me to pick her up!, clicking her tongue, lots of head dancing, grabs clothes to be picked up, stood up by herself in the crib annnnnnnnnnnd drumroll please........CRAWLING!!!!!!

Best Moment: probably getting my first slobbery, open-mouthed face rub! i like to think it is her version of a smooch! :) orrrrr maybe her crawling!!! it's a toss up! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her crawl out of the corner of my eye - it's like i did that cartoon eye-rub thing when you can't believe your eyes! I screamed for bru to come see and sure enough she did it again! it wasn't perfect crawling but it was getting her from point A to point B. And right then and there - our lives changed in an instant. Baby's on the MOVE!!!!

Nicknames: sugy, sugs, peanut pie, love, baby girl, fuzzy head

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Help wanted!...has anyone changed your blog address/domain?

Hello and happy tuesday! As 'happy' as we can be after yesterday's Boston Blast. :(

I am looking to change my blog address to match my blog title [it's still 'little baby lite'] but I'm afraid! I am worried I will lose all my followers among other things.

Have any of you changed yours and if so, how were you able to keep everything else the same? Any guidence would be so appreciated! :)

Thanks so much!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tell Us Thursday!

Helllllllo! It's Thursday - hooray! hooray!

You know the drill! And if you dont, head on over here to see>>the life of lil miss

1. What is your biggest pet-peeve?

Inconsiderate, helpless people. The nature of my job is to 'support' a large group of people and their work projects, but I get really peeved when they act like they cannot help themselves to save their lives. It is not MY job to run YOUR life or wipe your butt! LOL. I mean, sometimes they'll come to me to load paper in the printer for pete's sake! SOOOOO annoying!

2. Who was your BFF growing up {you don't have to give last names just first name or nickname will suffice}? Are you still in touch? If not, how come?

My BFF growing up was my friend KatyB. We met in first grade and have been best friends ever since. During highschool we were pretty inseparable and got ourselves into some trouble. When the college years came, she went away and I stayed home. I went to visit her quite alot but it still wasn't the same having so much distance between us. Once she graduated and came back home, we picked back up as though no time had passed and I am so thankful for that [that's what true friendships are all about]. She is even the 'guidemother' of our daughter. :) <3
3. Where is your favorite vacation spot and favorite activity to do there.

My fave place to vacation is any place! I just love getting AWAY! :) If I have to pick just one, I'd pick St. Pete Beach, FL. That is where I vacationed as a baby, as a teen ager [on spring break {with katy of course!}] and as an adult. Not only that, but that is where Bru and I met {::sigh::} and where we got married {::double sigh::}. It is a VERY special place to us. We haven't been back since we got married>>>TWO YEARS AGO TODAY!!! :(( We are so over due!

Annnd a new segment of Tell Us Thursday will be a 'would you rather' question!! Fun stuff, right?!?

Would you rather:
A. shop at consignment shops/stores
B. buy everything brand new

Honestly! I can't pick. I love shopping. period. It totally depends on the item I'm shopping for and what I need it for. If I can repurpose something I totally will and love the character that old, vintagy items have. But if it's something like a piece of jewelry, clothes or something for Liv - I prefer new. Did I mention I love shopping? :)
Happy Weekend All!