Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So Fresh + So Clean!

HELLOOOOOOO my long lost friends!

It feels like forever since I've been on my blog and posted ANYTHING! I have totally neglected to post Liv's 6 and 7 month updates as she hit the 8 month mark Saturday (wahhhhh). I promise I will get on that soon...soon. The time I have at home with lil miss is just too precious right now to be spending it blogging. And when she's sleeping (naps aren't very long lately) I need to catch up on cleaning, organizing amoungst all my other to do's! Me blogging about her life isn't going to benefit her in anyway really, she might think it's fun to look back on but that's it - the quality, "present" time I spend with her is going to make all the difference in the world to her. Therefore - sorry blogger friends! There's so much to share but not enough hours in the day. :(

Besides that - I wanted to show off my new blog look and feel! When I look at it, I can't help but sing that song by Outkast, "Don't you think I'm so sexy I'm just so fresh so clean!" LOL I just LOVE all the white space and how beautiful it is - it's like a piece of art! I owe it all to the best chick in the world, Chelsea from Bella Lu Lu Ink . She made my vision become a reality and I am so smitten over my blog and all the other 'stuffs' she created for me...stay tuned. Cool stuff happening (slowly but surely).

Saturday, May 25, 2013

8 Months New [ May 25, 2013 ]

Health: babe is healthy just still battling with those teeth but luckily we haven't experienced any fevers, earaches or anything else that babies sometimes get with teeth.

Eating: we're not doing too much outside of squeeze pouches of organic plum baby purees, puffs, a variety of cereals and teething wafers. I'm waiting to see what the doc says we can be giving her now, like real food wise. She has had banana, avocado, carrots, apple, orange, noodles, and a taste of frosting, orange sorbet and coffee cream (shhhhhh! dont tell momma!). I just feel like i don't want to give her just anything...especially when we're out to eat, i mean, who knows all the crap that's in food??

I'm open to any advice you other momma's have when it comes to eating out or other things you like to make your minis. I want to make sure I am expanding her pallete as far as i should for right now.

OH and she is also eating rug fuzzies! We got a new rug to replace the wool one we had because it was shedding alot and liv was rubbing her slobbery hand on it, getting it full of wool fur and then licking it. Well the new rug we got is pilling and lil missy is pulling up the pills and eating those now! I have been finding them in her poop! We are getting yet another rug. And i can't forget that she picked a hole in the blanket we have on the floor to cover the rug (till we get a new one) and started peeling away parts of the blanket and eating it!!! this chick is something else!

Sleeping:  she's still sleeping 8-11hrs a night but she has a hard time falling asleep. She needs to lay with us to go down and she needs to be pinned down otherwise she flops around like a fish or jumps on the bed laughing (even when she's dead tired), so i literally have to pin her down while she cries until she settles. There have been a couple times where I've had to rock her while she SCREAMS until she gets tired. UGH... teeth!

Likes: Eating :), showee time, pippy, talking, giggling {sometimes for no reason at all!}, standing, dolly, bouncing in her jumper, truffles, crawling, being tickled, puffs!, being 'chased' (i just pretend like im coming to get her and she tries to scamper away), peek-a-boo, dancing, taking walks across the street to TCBY, BUBBLE GUPPIES!!!

Liv really likes the show bubble guppies and loves when the 'time to go outside' and 'lunch time' songs come on. She stops whatever she's doing and turns to watch intently while bobbing her head - it is THE cutest little thing. :))

Dislikes: loud noises or being told no. which we very rarely say "no" because we don't want her to hear no all the time so we use words like, danger, hot, leave it, i dont think so, absolutely not, not for babies, you can't have that, etc.

New things and firsts: she crawled to me when i called her, she grabs on to your legs to stand up to be picked up, she figured out how to open drawers, she pulls herself up in the crib, she spooned with me!, brushed her toofies for the first time, shower/bath we me (our new fav thing - i shower and she plays in the tub then we plug the drain and have a nice little bafee together), size 3 diapers, drank out of a water bottle, moving stuff out of her way, waves hi to herself in mirror, froggie hops on the bed, waves to others, pulls self up on walker toy and walks!!!!, stanks for 10seconds by herself, when on the bed i say 'lets go' and she crawls to me and pulls herself up so i can pick her up, if she drops her pip she doesn't really have to look for it - she knows where to find it to pick it up

Best Moment: When i called her and she crawled over to me... shes so smart! :)

Nicknames: sugy, sugs, peanut pie, love, baby girl, fuzzy head, lili lulu