Sunday, November 25, 2012

2 Months New [ November 25, 2012 ] we go! I'm going to try my very best to piece together month two based on my iphone notes :)

Here are her stats from her 2 month appt

Weight: 12lbs 13oz (88th%)

Height: 23in (69th%)

Head size: 15.7in (76th%) - uh ohhh.... big head genes are setting in...dun, dun, dun! And the doc said her head looks a little flat so we need to do more tummy time. I'm hoping she won't have to get a helmut. :(

Health: Livvy is a healthy baby and growing like a weed! As you can see by her stats above, she is quite a big girl. When we went for her two month check up the doc said she is overweight and overfed and suggested we cut her 6oz to 4oz. So looks like this girl is going on a baby diet. :/

Eating: After feeding Liv she never seems satisfied so we (first time parents) thought she was just still hungry so we kept upping the number of ounces we gave her. By her two month birthday she was already up to 6 oz. As you saw above, the doctor was very unhappy with us and told us she needs to get used to not feeling STUFFED. This is why she was projectile vomiting too because she was beyond full. Oopsies!

Sleeping: She's sleeping a little longer now at night. Her longest stretch is 7.5hrs. She is still in the nap nanny in the cosleeper at night and will nap on the couch or in her swing.

Likes: showers, when we make noises with our mouths, her pip (finally)

Dislikes: burping, having to be changed before eating, tummy time

Outings: We went to his aunts for Halloween evening, which was a lot of fun. The cousins dressed up as Micky and Minnie! Thanksgiving was a lot for all of us. We went to my mom's first and then his mom's. It was a lot of driving, packing shit up, noise and people. Liv was overstimulated and we paid for it.

New things and firsts: 

Week 5 - smiled at me when talking to her, she's 10lbs, in 0-3 size onesies, in size 1 diapies, first showee
Week 6 - laughed at me when i asked her if she was tired, held bottle by herself (proly an accident), she's 11lbs, she moved up to 5oz
Week 7 - sleeping 6-7hrs
Week 8 - she's 12lbs, put pip in her mouth

Best Moment: When she smiled at me for the first time :)))

Liv got her first shot. I wanted to hold off on all her vaccines until she was two, but I've been a little concerned after hearing that some of the diseases they vaccinate against are actually coming back because people aren't vaccinating their kids anymore. After talking to the doc, she suggested atleast getting the DTap, so we did. I got the shot in the hospital the day after Liv was born because it's so prominent now and my arm hurt for weeks after so i was a little scared to give it to my baby. But she took it like a champ, not even a flinch! She didn't have any side effects from it or really anything, maybe she was a little more sleepy but that's it (thank gosh!). I think I'm going to hold off on all the rest of them tho until she's two and then do a staggered schedule. I don't want to overload her little body.