Friday, August 28, 2015

36 weeks | august 25, 2015 | littlest lite

How far along? 36 weeks
Baby is the size of:  a honeydew
Total weight gain: loss of .2 { 142 to 141.8 } - total gain 31.8 - i lost another .2lbs this week and 1lb on the doc's scale. so weird. maybe my body is losing weight but babe is still gaining? hopefully?
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: ehh... getting up alot to pee. some times it's every hour.
Best moment this week: seeing our little nugget for the last time before we get to meet her. She has the cutest chubby cheeks and was sucking away. She is measuring a week small and has a normal sized head for the rest of her body. Wahoo!
Anything making you queasy or sick: not too much, just have a sour stomach some days
Labor Signs: contractions. nothing new.
Symptoms:  just getting kicked in the ribs ALL the time. have some pelvic girdle pain that's pretty painful. it's like a pinched nerve on the right side of my butt. ouch! stretching and pulling muscles when sleeping. sucks.
Belly Button in or out?  out
Wedding rings on or off? one on at a time

Feelings:  good and tired. good because i'm feeling good about where things are at with the babe's room and stuff around the house. tired because im just getting exhausted and it's making me emotional. wahhh
Looking forward to: liv meeting her sissy. the poor girl feels like it's been forever we've been talking about her sister. she's proly like, can she just get here already!? LOL. she tells people 'she's going to pop out any minute' and we have to 'cover our ears'. hahahhahaha i love how little minds work. :)

Dr update: HR on us was 147 but it was 141 with little Doppler machine. She's weighing 5lbs8oz and her head and limbs are measuring a week small. yes, her head too! wahoo! She's in the 29th percentile for measurements. she's still a girl! she has chubby cheeks and was being stubborn and kept turning away from the camera. she was SUPER active and the tech and doc could see her moving from outside and we blown away how active she was and said that's really good! We saw her drinking fluid, swallowing, which was good! she has hair and is head down still - yay! even tho she's small, she's still weighing within good limits and if she gains 1/2lb every week from here on out, she'll be 7lbs8oz which would be 7ozs bigger than liv!

sissy pillow is comfy

My handsome hubs

Not the best angle but we had to document me eating ice cream off elle's butt. LOL

It's pretty hard dancing with a baby between you

just some birthday party pillow talk

holy honeydew!
at the doctor's office seeing sissy

chubby cheekers! <3

Saturday, August 22, 2015

My Beautiful Ellie Bellie

Documenting this beautiful time. One of the few times in this lifetime where I am able to grow another being within my amazing body. Feeling this little soul within me wiggle and kick is just a reminder of how incredible this motherhood thing really is. Our journey has just begun my little love, and I am only imagining where it will take us, you and me, my little girl.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

35 weeks | august 18, 2015 | littlest lite

How far along? 35 weeks
Baby is the size of:  a coconut
Total weight gain: loss of .2 { 142.2 to 142 } - total gain 32 - i actually lost .2lbs this week which is weird because i thought babe was supposed to start packin on the weight
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: whats that? i wake up with huge bags under my eyes like i havent slept in days... it sucks.
Best moment this week: just spending time with my girl and soaking up the last few weeks with just her... this is a hard place to be, i feel like im in limbo with my emotions. im so excited to see how she's going to react to her sister, but also so scared. i don't want adding a sister to crush livs amazing soul. I really think it's only going to bring out an even more incredible side to her that we would've never seen if we didn't give her a sibling, but there's still always that fear in my head that you just don't know what kind of child you're going to get. I had these same fears with liv, just wondering what kind of baby/person she was going to be... but then i look at her, and she's so so so much more than i could've EVER imagined. Elle will be the same.
Anything making you queasy or sick: just been kinda queasy lately, not sure why.
Labor Signs: just more contractions all weekend... i just keep pushing thru them tho!
Symptoms:  heartburn! hard to breath and catch my breath. legs get super tired after a little walking or a few stairs! feets hurt from this extra 30lbs!!! line is showing up a tad. tight tight tummy. hot hands (so weird). itchy! EXHAUSTED... dunno if it's the heat or nearing the end, but i am seriously. tired. contractions...what else is new.
Belly Button in or out?  out
Wedding rings on or off? one on at a time

Feelings:  mixed emotions as the end nears. excited. scared. worried. anxious. nervous. curious. wondrous. i just worry about how labor and delivery is going to go. it was so easy with liv and i feel like almost all aspects of this pregnancy have been a little tougher for me and just hope that labor and delivery wont follow suit. I've really been trying to get everything done for livs party, pack my bag, finish elles room, hang stuff in livs [new] room (finally), stay on top of work, all while trying to spend as much quality time with liv as possible. it's just hard hard hard. most days i just want to cry because theres so much on top of feeling kinda shitty most days. i'm just being an emotional baby and need to get over it!
Looking forward to: my last day of work! 8 more days! and not being so uncomfortable anymore... i love my belly and all it stands for but it's just getting hard to do anything. and i don't even think im that big. however, im not looking forward to the recovery and responsibilities of breastfeeding. i just know how much work it was with liv and im getting worried. hopefully it will be much much smoother with elle. 

It's funny, people have recently said to me, wow you must be due soon huh? or wow, when are you due! blah blah blah... makes me laugh cuz this belly isn't THAT big!

Me and my baby :)
Friday dates with my girl are the best <3
holy belly!
love that belly!
This girl... reminds me of the commerical where the dad is actually looking at his 16 year old daughter behind the wheel but sees his little baby like this. makes me blubber thinking about her being 16. wahhhhh

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

34 weeks | august 11, 2015 | littlest lite

How far along? 34 weeks
Baby is the size of:  a butternut squash
Total weight gain: gain of .2 { 142 to 142.2 } - total gain 32.2 - this week slowed down weight gain-wise... which is weird because I thought she was supposed to gain a pound this week
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: it is so hard to turn in bed and i have to turn so frequently, i feel like i spend my whole night TRYING to turn! lol
Best moment this week: being home. i took vaca Thursday and Monday so i was able to be home with my little love. we also were able to get some stuff done around the house which was good. things are starting to come together!
Anything making you queasy or sick: nothing too much
Labor Signs: lost more plug on Monday...doc still isnt concerned. 
Symptoms:  heartburn! weird crotch pain. weird sensation like i have something dripping down my leg. exhaustion. hard to breath and catch my breath. legs get super tired after a little walking or a few stairs! feets hurt from this extra 30lbs!!! line is showing up a tad. tight tight tummy. hot hands (so weird). itchy! 
Belly Button in or out?  out
Wedding rings on or off? still on!

Feelings:  feeling that it's so crazy i only have three more weeks and im "full term"!!! I'm not ready but excited to meet her and see how she fits into the family. :)
Looking forward to: ohhhh lots. just having all this stuff done so i can focus on being home with my family and not worrying about so much! and the growth scan in two weeks so we can see that sweet girl again!

this week has been SOOOOO good for potty training. im feeling confident we will have one out of diapers, just in time to have another in diapers. we might get a couple weeks of not having to pay for diapers under our belt before elle is born! LOL

i also wanted to document the crazy little bubbles i've been feeling here and there that feel like baby burps or farts inside... like when she's not even moving. it's so weird!

Doc appt went good. HR was in the 130s-140s. she said im doing great with my weight this time because she hasn't had to hound me to eat more (LOL). she said she was breech again but i made her check again because ive been getting hiccups low and she said or you're right, she felt her shoulder bones and said she must've been feeling her knee (what she thought to be her head). Then elle stuck her butt out and she said oh see, she's showing us how she's positioned and i can see her butt is here, and this must be her knee and her head is down. YAY! thank gosh or i was about to lose it! growth scan in two weeks to see how big this lil stinker is! she was overall impressed with how good im doing!

I just feel huge!
and lop-sided
this little cutie has been having a blast at the water park
i made elle a headband!
she's such a big girl in her undies, with her potty pop, helping me water the new grass.
slowly coming together bits and pieces of elle's room
sideways but oh well - liv's big sister gift she'll get at the hospital. omg i just shuttered typing that. poor liv doesn't know what's about to happen. or maybe she does and it will be fine. hopeful!
it's a plushy photo album, a sling for her baby doll that matches mine kinds, a book, a anna and elsa shirt, a best friend necklace that says big sis and a cute backpack to hold it all.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

33 weeks | august 4, 2015 | littlest lite

How far along? 33 weeks
Baby is the size of:  a durian
Total weight gain: gain of 1.4 { 140.6 to 142 } - total gain 32 (just 2lbs away from my final weight with liv!)
Stretch marks? nothing new to report
Sleep: sucks, toss and turn all night long. nothing is comfortable anymore
Best moment this week: watching liv in the fire truck parade at cruisin nights in westmont. bru had to work so we took the cousins to go see the trucks and poppa actually got them to ride in the parade! she LOVED it.
Anything making you queasy or sick: nothing too much
Labor Signs: had some BAD contractions last night. as i was leaving work on Monday, i had some weird feelings in there, like heavy and super uncomfortable. i got home and things just kept getting more and more uncomfortable. i made liv some dinner and kept a log of my contractions and was having about 16ish an hour, every 2-5 mins. they kinda hurt too. so i went to bed and slept them off but they're still around here and there. i was so nervous this was the end and had a scary dream that i delivered 7 weeks early. she just needs to stay put!!
Symptoms:  heartburn! weird crotch pain. weird sensation like i have something dripping down my leg. exhaustion. hard to breath and catch my breath. legs get super tired after a little walking or a few stairs! feets hurt from this extra 30lbs!!! line is showing up. tight tight tummy. hot hands (so weird). swollen ankles from heat i think (and being heavier than usual).
Belly Button in or out?  out for most part. it shows it shirts now.
Wedding rings on or off? still on!

Feelings:  had a stressful day at work and it caused (or so i think) those contractions, so i really just need to chill out. like my boss said, nobody is dying from the stuff you're doing or not doing, so relax. and stuff is getting done at home thanks to my sweet hubbers. he really is the best! i did start throwing stuff in the hospital bag as i think of things, so that's helping ease my mind too.
Looking forward to: the count down is on for how many days left of work i have. while it may be like 4 more weeks, it's only about 14 actual days... WAHOOOOOO! i couldn't be more happy to be home for 5 months with my family. it's surely going to be memorable. i just think about all the holidays coming up and how fun it's going to be for liv this year AND for her to share them with a new baby. she's getting very excited for sure.

In other news, liv is doing really good potty training. She didn't have one accident on sunday and is doing really good today too! hope i didn't jinx it!

these cuties had fun! joe joe was being a grump
just a girl and her fire daddy
she loves sitting in the trucks
i think she was a little excited to be in the parade! :)
supposedly she loved waving so much that she was waving to the houses while they were driving down the streets (not in the parade!)
this is the aftermath of me being on my feet in the hot hot heat
LOVE this pic
and LOVE this one even more <3
we had a fun and relaxing sunday in the back yard in our teenie weenie bikinis (just her, not me!)
i feel a little more torpedo-ish this time
we went to marianos for donuts and coffee and this little one thoroughly enjoyed it!
love this kind of crafting :)