Tuesday, January 29, 2013

new pretties! in Liv's Lounge

hi! hi!

i know i have been on a baby hiatus; trying to soak up every last minute with the babe before going back to work (drag), but i am REALLY gonna try to get back into this blogging thing. :)

i thought i'd start with something simple, by showing you some of the new pretty DIY projects i did while on maternity leave. being home really got my creative juices flowing - like they used to - ive missed that in my life. hopefully i can still find time to do those fun things while back at work. but who are we kidding here, i mean shoot, i cant even find time to blog! ::humph::

here we go...

new handmade mobile

hand traced/cut silhouette of liv
(headband flower is cut from the paisley fabric) 

DIY bow holder made with a frame and ribbon that
coordinates with the fabric in her room (i was ecstatic i found it!)

new frame and headband bin
custom made birth stat subway sign made by me!
(and new frame)

added some flair to this lamp by hot gluing ribbon around it!

little fabric flower i made on the diamond thingy

more fabric flowers i made!

i think her nursery is always going to be a work in progress, well as long as pinterest is around!!!

phew! i made it through this post!

AND i finally posted on Project Nursery here>>> http://projectnursery.com/projects/livs-lounge/

Friday, January 25, 2013

4 Months New [ January 25, 2013 ]

15lbs 3oz (83rd%)

Height: 25in (79th%)

Head size: 42cm (78th%)

Health: Livvy baby is "prefect" in the words of our pediatrician. She even said her head is improving and doesn't need a helmut at this time! YAY! PHEW!

Eating: not much has changed with eating. next month's post will include starting cereal.

Sleeping: Doctor said Liv should be sleeping more and told us to start her on cereal twice a day, hoping that will help.

Likes: Eating :), bath time, swinging, pippy, talking, giggling, standing, dolly, swingy

Dislikes: Burping, getting diapies changed, bumbo time, tummy time

Outings:  New year's eve we went to bru's mom's for a few hours to get Liv and Joey together to celebrate the new year. We were home by midnight and sat on the couch with sleeping little Livvy until the clock struck 12:00am. We woke her up a steal a new years smooch and that was our new years! ha...so much changes when you have a beeb. :)

New things and firsts: face rubs/kisses us, pulling stuff towards her, scratches stuff to feel textures, talks to things, grabs on to things and wont let go!, pulls herself up by holding on to my fingers, sits up in boppy by herself, does this funny birdie thing when she eats, so giggly, holds bottle, sucks two fingers and thumb, jumping in her jumpy

SLEEPING IN HER CRIBBY!!!! and slept 9hrs her first night! WOOOOO i'm so proud of this accomplishment, all before i went back to work! AND SHE ROLLED OVER twice in her crib! (but hasn't dont it since)

Best Moment: this month has been the best yet. liv is so much more engaged and fun! we have fun playing, laughing and just hanging out. she has been alot easier to take care of too!