Tuesday, May 26, 2015

week 23 | may 26, 2015 | littlest lite

How far along? 23 weeks
Baby is the size of:  a grapefruit
Total weight gain: gain of 0.6 { 130.2 to 130.8 } - total gain 20.8
Maternity clothes? i tried on shirts i wore this time of my pregnancy when i was pregnant with Liv and they don't really fit...soooo maybe have to invest in some used, goodwill maternity clothes. well see!
Stretch marks? nope
Sleep: sleep has been better. i found some egg carton mattress foam and put it under my sheets on my side of the bed and it has been such an amazing thing for my hips!!!
Best moment this week: being home for 6 days straight! the shareholders meeting was Wednesday and Thursday so we got to WFH, and then I was off thru Monday! We got to see baby girl on Wednesday which was wonderful! :)
Movement: yup, tons! and tons!
Food cravings:  Cheese fries and cheesy potatoes!!!!! bacon. chocolate. cold stuff. coffee. just love food! ---- all the same! plus taco bell and tipsy stout burger from tap house
Anything making you queasy or sick: nah
Labor Signs: nope, nothing this week to report! yay!
Symptoms:  hips have been better just some occasional heart burn...bad!
Belly Button in or out?  still holding on to it's 'in-ness'
Wedding rings on or off? tight some days!

Feelings:  getting excited to meet this little babe! but also getting weepy about counting down the days it's just Liv.
Looking forward to: closing on our refi so i can save some keesh! oh and seeing Liv as a flower girl this weekend for DiDi's wedding. She's gonna be so stinkin cute!

22 week dr appt + cervical check|
HR 147
Breech at the moment 
Little fluid on cervix which could explain the plug?
length of cervix 3.4 
Liv wanted to see her ears so the tech showed her (one was kinda hidden)
She had her hand under chin for most of the time
Her spine is awesome! I'm always in awe when i see it.
She's big and won't fit into the screen anymore, i was shocked how much she grew in two weeks.
The 20 week measurements came in and are officially good!
Everything is looking perfect and we couldn't be happier!!! :) We are so blessed.

hard to tell if they resemble each other... can't wait for the 3d us to see!
this just melts me into a puddle... big sissy! she wanted to practice. she's definitely showing alot of interest in caring for her baby and she brings her baby to me to care for her... it's the sweetest.

she loves to nuggle with sissy. she will just come rub my belly and tell me she misses and loves sissy. it is just the best feeling to know she can love something she can't even see, SO much with no knowledge if sissy is even real. she has to know... her love for her sister is unreal. and her care and concern for sissy's needs are always top of mind for her. she tells me when sissy is hungry or needs milk and always shows concern for me when sissy kicks me hard. this is just such a special thing for Liv and am starting to think this was the best decision we could've made for our girl. <3

that little beating "text book" heart in there...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

week 22 | may 19, 2015 | littlest lite

How far along? 22 weeks
Baby is the size of:  a papaya
Total weight gain: gain of 2.4 { 127.8 to 130.2 } - total gain 20.2
Maternity clothes? yeah for sure... I can still wear some normal shirts but they're getting tight. I keep finding myself digging out of my maternity bin.
Stretch marks? no but totally thought I had one starting...phew!
Sleep: sleep has been hard because of stress and my burning hips
Best moment this week: as hard as it was for me, it was also a huge relief to trade in the pilot for something that's cheaper and eats less gas [also meaning cheaper]. when we leased the pilot three years ago, right before liv was going to be born, we were at a different place in our lives...our mortgage was 1k less than now and we didn't have as many expenses, and I wanted a huge, safe [so I thought] SUV with a third row for hockey gear [I planned on buying it]. well here we are 3 years later on the brink of a second child, trying to adjust to our new life with a house, more bills and higher bills and know we won't end up buying this car either and it too will come due in 3 years [most likely before a third child--- if we have one], so it only made sense to downsize and get another brand new car. to buy out the car I loved, it was going to cost me $465/mo opposed to the CR-V EX that we got for more than $200 cheaper a month! winning!!! sucks being an adult tho!
Movement: SO much! and hiccups!
Showing? I think it's safe to say I can delete this category next month.
Food cravings:  Cheese fries and cheesy potatoes!!!!! bacon. chocolate. cold stuff. coffee. just love food!
Anything making you queasy or sick: not that I can think of
Gender: I think I can take this one off too. lol
Labor Signs: lost some more plug Monday... so weird.
Symptoms:  it was a good week for the most part. just sore hips
Belly Button in or out?  in but on the verge of being out... it's out when I laugh! and I'm starting to get 'the line'
Wedding rings on or off? On, but some days they're tight first thing in the morning. 

Feelings:  feeling wonderful! the car situation is handled and we accepted the proposal to get our water issue fixed so I feel a lot less stressed.
Looking forward to: seeing the babes on Wednesday!

I feel so accomplished, got a lot done this weekend. Started cleaning the hutch that's been in the garage since fall. Did laundry [which I hate]. Cleared the bins out of baby's room so bru can start the closet and painting. Made oily recipes I've been wanting to make forever. Just feels good!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

week 21 | may 12, 2015 | littlest lite

How far along? 21 weeks
Baby is the size of:  a pomegranate
Total weight gain: gain of 1.6 { 126.2 to 127.8 } - total gain 17.8
Maternity clothes? pants, leggings, shorts and a couple shirts here and there
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: ehhh, just not feeling rested
Best moment this week: Seeing our sweet little girl and hearing that she's looking wonderful! 
Movement: yah... she still has quiet days tho
Showing? yup, you can clearly tell. the xray techs didn't even ask if i was pregnant, they just said mom, you need to go back behind this wall where you won't be exposed to radiation. LOL
Food cravings:  Cheese fries and cheesy potatoes!!!!! bacon. chocolate. cold stuff.
Anything making you queasy or sick: not too much... just a random strike of it, mainly when im hungry. if i get too far past hungry it's bad, i get nauseous and gassy - it's bad.
Gender: GIRL!!!!!!! GIRL!!!! GIRL!!!!
Labor Signs: nothing this week. 
Symptoms:  nothing REALLY bugging me right now besides hip pain at night.
Belly Button in or out?  in
Wedding rings on or off? On, but some days they're tight first thing in the morning. 

Feelings:  feeling just a little overwhelmed with money right now. we have to do some work on the house because we're having some water issues and we just got the proposal and it's about $4,500!! That's our whole tax return. :( and now we don't have money to put down on the buy out for our car lease that expires June 18th... so there goes installing a fence this summer. such a bummer.
Looking forward to: Liv feeling better. i hate seeing her sick period, but seeing her this sick, two months in a row is heartbreaking. We just need her to stay healthy!!

I took a vacation day Thursday and we woke up bright and early and headed out to Geneva where there's this huge annual subdivision garage sale. I was on a mission to find a crib and a dresser for the babe's room. The first house on the first street that we stopped at, I got my dream dresser! It was only $10 too!!! And the funny part is, the girl I ended up buying it from is actually the lactation nurse here at my office! So random!!! We weren't able to find a white/cream crib which is fine because the more we talked about it, we don't have the money to spend on a new crib anyways, we'll just make Liv move to her big girl bed since I already have her sheets and comforter already... it's going to be a sad day for sure. I don't know why but I'm really not looking forward to her moving out of her crib or her being done with diapers - it's like the end of the baby road. :(

I also went to target and got some stuff for the babe's room! So exciting!! i love seeing this come together. Now to move all the bins of baby clothes downstairs for the time being so we can clean in there and Bru can put up the new closet organization thingy. EEP!

I had a nice mother's day for the most part. We went to the city bright and early for breakfast at eleven city diner and then Liv took her first cab ride to the Shedd Aquarium. We walked around and she got to see the fishies! Then when we were back home i noticed she was wheezing and called the doc on call. She told me because she just recently had pneumonia, that we should go get her lungs listened to and have a lung xray. We got to the hospital around 3:30 and they took the xray and sure enough she has the early development of pneumonia!!! So we waited around to get her a shot to jump start her antibiotic and bru had to leave for work, so it was just Liv and I there until 7:30ish. Then i dropped off her script and we went to panera for dinner. unfortunately, the shots she got in both her legs made her so sore she couldn't bear weight on them so i had to carry her everywhere. we got home and i tried giving her, her meds, she took the first 1/2 of the dose and WOULD NOT take the rest of it. this was weird because she had this same medicine when she had this a month ago and loved it, begged for it, and now she looked at me like i was trying to poison her. After calling the pharmacy and trying to get her to take it in juice, i gave up and tasted it. IT WAS TERRIBLE!!!! it literally tasted like poison. I called the phamacy in the morning and told them my story and they told me to bring it back in. We took Liv back to the doc on Monday and she still had the ear infection she was diagnosed with on Friday when i took her to the doc for her cold, only it's worse, and it has become puss now instead of just fluid. Poor girl is so sick but such a trooper... if you ask her she's "tough" (with flexed biceps and all)! She watched them give her the shots - brave girl! she really is acting pretty well for being so sick, she's just more clingy, needy and sleepy. She's not really eating much either but she's taking her new medicine - HOORAY!!

20 week appt update: We went for my 20 week appt on Wednesday and it went great! 

Heart Rate 141
Approx 13oz
Measuring 2 days early making due date sept 20
The US tech said she has a text book heart. she saw all 4 chambers working and pumping beautifully. She couldnt stop looking at it and kept going back to look at it. She said this heart is one i want to compare others to and say "see this is how it's supposed to look" because it's so perfect. It was just funny, she didn't wanna look away from it. :) made me feel really good!
Her head is slightly bigger, but nothing to worry about.
The spine tapers off for tailbone like it should.
She has the right number of vessels in the cord to and from placenta with proper blood flow.
5 fingers and 5 toes
Brain looks good.
Arms and legs are lengths they should be.
We saw her stomach, Kidneys, bladder and pee!
The fluid at the back of her neck looks good.
We saw her nose and lip and there was no break in line which would indicate cleft palette
Her hands were behind her head like she was kind lounging. and then she hunched over with little chin against chest and it was like she was playing games with the tech and not showing her profile.
She was VERY active! :)

My cervix is long and closed. If there was any sort of issue with losing my plug, she would've seen black stuff in ultrasound around it, if there was fluid around cervix.
My placenta posterior and not near cervix which is good.

New hair! I needed a little lightening up!
 Before and after - woah!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

week 20 | may 5, 2015 | littlest lite

How far along? 20 weeks! HALF WAY!
Baby is the size of:  a banana and is 10 inches long head to toes!
Total weight gain: gain of 0 { 126.2 to 126.2 } - total gain 16.2

Maternity clothes? mainly just pants
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: no complaints really
Best moment this week: Liv has been very in tune with sissy. when i was getting dressed this week she said "oh! sissy is getting BIG!" as her eyes bulged out of her head while looking at my belly. she always says... she's so big! or she's so quiet! or she's really moving! or she wants some milk! She also got to feel her for the first time last night since sissy is REALLY kicking now. Not sure if Liv really understood what she felt but her hand was right on the spot where sissy kicked and i know Liv felt it. I just wish she would sit still long enough to really stop and feel or stop and look at my belly since you can CLEARLY see my belly contorting now.
Movement: She's very active. lots of little movements, lots of big movements and lots of floating around it feels like.

Showing? oh yah. fo shooooo!
Food cravings:  Cheese fries!!!!! bacon. chocolate. cold stuff.

Anything making you queasy or sick: ehh, i have occasional nausea, not sure why or what causes it tho.
Gender: GIRL!!!!!!! GIRL!!!! GIRL!!!!
Labor Signs: nothing this week. 
Symptoms:  nothing REALLY bugging me right now... hooray!

Belly Button in or out?  in
Wedding rings on or off? ON

Feelings:  feeling really good lately. i think im finally in the really 'good' part of pregnancy and jazzed about the weather getting nice so we can get some things done around the house. yay for having a house! if we could only come up with the money for a fence so we could sit in the backyard and enjoy a nice cold beeeeeer-verage. lemonade. :)

Looking forward to: seeing our little sweet pea on wednesday. im super excited and a little nervous just because this is such an important appointment. i hope all goes wonderfully. :)

Oh and looking forward to the vacation day i took on thursday. We're going to a big subdivision garage sale in geneva to hopefully find a cheap crib and dresser for little missy's new room! it will be nice to spend some quality time with Bru and Livvy Loo. I'm excited for this room to start taking shape.

We took Livvy skating... she just loves it! She's getting so good about shuffling along all by herself!!