Tuesday, December 25, 2012

3 Months New [ December 25, 2012 ]

Weight: No doctor's appt this month


Head size: 

Health: Liv is a healthy baby...she's been gaining a pound every week it seems. The only thing that I've been concerned about it her head. I'm hoping we've done enough tummy time to improve the flatness some.

Eating: Like i said last month, after going to the doctor we brought her back down to 4oz but that really didn't satisfy her so we decided we'd give her 4.5oz instead. It was a little rough for her in the beginning but she adjusted. My milk supply had slowly been going down so i have only been able to pump enough for a 4oz bottle a day. So usually her second feeding of the day she will get a 4oz bottle of boob juice and then i will put her on the boob for about 10-12 minutes just so she can get the current antibodies. She still loves her food!

Sleeping: She slept 8.5hrs!! wooo... that's the record! We've been letting her nap flat on our bed and on the couch hoping she'd get used to it and be able to sleep flat in the cosleeper. We finally were able to pull out the nap nanny and now she sleeps flat at night! She is on a good schedule of sleeping until about 530ish, eats, cuddles with me (love my morning cuddles!) and falls back to sleep until 9 or so, eats again, plays, takes a 45-60 min nap, eats, plays, takes a long afternoon nap (usually 3 hrs), eats, plays, short nap, eats, chills out then goes down for the night. She is so funny, she really likes chill out time. She lays on the couch, watching TV, with her blankies, piggy and pippy. She gets SO excited when you give her all those things - it's SO cute. :)

Likes: Eating :), bath time, swinging, pippy, talking, giggling, standing

Dislikes: Burping, getting diapies changed, bumbo time, tummy time

Outings:  Christmas eve and christmas day were both exhausting and fun. Christmas eve we went early to my mom's and did our family xmas and then went to aunt p's to do the family xmas. I was super annoyed with everyone asking about Liv while she was sleeping. I swear, every 10 minutes someone would say "is she awake?" I was getting irritated! lol

Christmas day, we woke up and had our first xmas as a new family :) Then we went to his mom's for breakfast and presents. Then we went out by his aunts for their family xmas.

Holidays are fun and i love them, but with an infant they're A LOT of work! I feel like I have to pack up her life to go anywhere (and my pump...ugh!).

New things and firsts: 

First laugh while playing, grabs my hand and pulls it to her mouth, prefers sitting up, sat in bumbo, uses hands to suck on bibby and blankies, rolled from belly to back, grabbed rattle and pulled towards her, looks up at you while in your arms, plucked pip out of her mouth and placed it down, put pip back in her mouth, very giggly, grabs ours faces and gives us a wet face rub

Best Moment: Our first Christmas as a new family. :) This holiday season just gave me a whole different degree of warmth within. It was unforgettable.