Tuesday, June 25, 2013

9 Months New [ June 25, 2013 ]

21lbs 8oz (92nd%)

Height: 28in (67th%)

Head size: 46cm (95th%)

Health: my wittle baby isn't so wittle anymore. she is still going strong in the weight dept...she's solid. totally gonna be a hockey player. :) and she's as healthy and as strong as an ox! she got her second cold, while it didn't last very long it still was kinda stinky and she felt poopy and crabby.

Eating: she's still been eating 6.5 oz that it until we went to the doc and she told us to cut it back to 6 oz bottles. so we gotta do that. and the doc gave us the go ahead to give her whatever we're eating. so she'll have cereal for breakfast, and lunch and whatever were eating for dinner. in small soft bits of course! im looking forward to see how she likes real food!

Sleeping:  sleeping has luckily been pretty good since day one but its just been a tad rocky with these teeth that are still coming in. she now has 4 teeth coming in on top and it's made her extra needy and irritable. poor poor girl. i can't imagine how painful cutting teeth is (so glad i don't remember!!).

Likes: Eating :), showee time, pippy, talking, dancing, kissing/cuddling truffles, crawling, being tickled, puffs!, being 'chased' , peek-a-boo, dancing, taking walks across the street to TCBY, BUBBLE GUPPIES!!!, little mermaid, FaceTime, sharing, clapping, blowing kisses, pointing at people

Liv is finally signing back baba and eat! YAYYYYY! smart babe. She loves walking with her walker and from couch to table to ottomon, etc. when she ran into the wall with her walker she steered off of it...how did she even know how to do that?! Then get this, when i was changing her pants, she was standing holding on to me, she stepped out one side at a time so i could get her pants off. And when she had something in her hand and i was putting her shirt on, she put one arm in, handed the toy back to the other one so i could put the other sleeve on. seriously - this girl blows my mind!

Dislikes: loud noises or being told no. we've definitely been having to say the 'n' word more and more as she explores more and gets into more of what she shouldn't be! little bugger! 

New things and firsts: drinking out of sippy cup, sharing her toys (she takes turn shaking ball and she hands to me to shake and repeat),bites puff in half and shares with us, KISSES...big juicy and wet ones!, fake laughs, waffles, clicking tongue, SWIMMING!!! :)

Best Moment: when she blew kisses to me thru facetime or when she chased me around the chair crawling or when she waved bye bye to me when i was leaving for work (i didnt even wave first!)... still not sure if thats 

Nicknames: sugy, sugs, peanut pie, love, baby girl, fuzzy head, lili lulu, turkey, babe, chickadee