Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week 22 [ May 29, 2012 ]

How far along? 22 weeks 7 days 
Baby is the size of: a papaya
Total weight gain: Yikes!! {126.8 to 128.6}
Maternity clothes? just pants...regular skirts, dresses and shirts. i even fit it my normal bathing suit this weekend!
Stretch marks? stay away!
Sleep: decent... hips still hurt
Best moment this week: a nice long weekend filled with errands, nursery planning, sunshine, food and of course my hubber
Movement: she's all over inside my belly- side to side, up and down. she's been sitting on some nerves and kicking my bladder... no fun
Showing? yes, no hiding it anymore... the girl at petland was so nice and warned me about a jumpy dog and said i proly didnt want to play with it and pointed to my belly... its official!
Food cravings: brats, ice cream... a lot more sweets these days. just a lot more FOOD these days! eeek!
Anything making you queasy or sick: cooking meat
Gender: IT'S A GIRLIE!!!
Labor Signs: nopers
Symptoms: back ache, feet cramps, stretching belly muscles, tiredness, weird cramping at night, swollen feet from the extreme heat this weekend
Belly Button in or out? still in
Wedding rings on or off? on
Feelings: excited as im starting to piece together the nursery and gather ideas!
Looking forward to: seeing baby girlie tomorrow :)
This weeks developments: more developed eyes and lips and sleep cycles are developing...meaning less movements - that explains it!

I think grams is right... my booty grew too!

Project Nursery!

So now that we know it's a girl :) I can really shift my focus to girlie stuff! I had been gathering a lot of boy ideas because that's where I thought we were headed. But now that we know I've been giving it a lot of thought and here's kinda what I'm thinking...

I want a unique nursery, kinda artsy, whimsical, antique-y or shabby-chic, not themed. I want it to be something that can grow with our daughter.

Here are some inspiration nurseries that I LOVE!!!

love the rug, bedding and chandalier
LOVE this dresser... wish i could make something similar
love that mirror - i already bought it... now what color to paint it!
that collage is awesome!
love everything about this
love the mix of textures and patterns
such a fun dresser
just plain cute!
love the gray on the walls
love this closet

Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 21 [ May 21, 2012 ]

How far along? 21 weeks 6 days 
Baby is the size of: a pomegranate
Total weight gain: {126 to 126.8}
Maternity clothes? mainly just leggings and work pants... still wearing normal tops. maternity tops make me look chunky not preggo
Stretch marks? nada
Sleep: loving my pillow!
Best moment this week: getting approved for a condensed work week!!! i will be working all my hours in 4 days and have fridays OFF!!!! woooooooo :) more time with my little babes!
Movement: lots of kicking, turning and swimming! Bru finally got to SEE it thru my tummy!
Showing? yes... people are now assuming I'm preggo
Food cravings: strawberry lemonade, icees and still sausage
Anything making you queasy or sick: umm cigarette smoke
Gender: IT'S A GIRLIE!!!
Labor Signs: no, but still nervous about over-doing things
Symptoms: back ache, tiredness, nausea here in the mornings now... weird
Belly Button in or out? in! hope it stays in!
Wedding rings on or off? on
Feelings: overwhelmed. we attempted to start our registry and OMG!! where do you start? how do you know what you need? how do you know whats best? sheesh!! but we're getting very excited!!!
Looking forward to: a LOOOOOONG weekend!! and more nursery planning!
This weeks developments: she already has her lifetime's supply of eggs on her womb - about 6 million of them! and she's producing meconium...a poop-like substance.

I'm already overwhelmed!

Cheese ball!
This is a video of my belly moving. It is hard to see so you might have to watch it a few times. It's right around 18-20 seconds into the video. I'm so happy I was able to capture her first movements. :) 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 20 [ May 14, 2012 ]

How far along? 20 weeks 6 days - - - HALF WAY THERE!
Baby is the size of: a banana
Total weight gain: dun dun dun... here comes the poundage! {123.8 to 126}
Maternity clothes? some
Stretch marks? nope but lotsa stretching!
Sleep: has gotten better. i finally invested in the "back and belly" pillow and its helping alot!
Best moment this week: seeing our little girl and knowing its a little girl in there. also, hearing that everything is measuring really nicely. it's also pretty cool that our little one goes by "she" now, instead of "it"
Movement: lots of kicking going on! love feeling her sqwiggle around in there... such a wildly awesome thing that i wish bru could feel. it feels like twitching in my tummer.
Showing? i guess so! people have been asking if im preggo now and telling me i popped!
Food cravings: slurpee! brown sugar and honey breakfast sausage, lar nar noodles, cocktail sauce (plain!), cherry anything
Anything making you queasy or sick: not really
Gender: IT'S A GIRLIE!!!
Labor Signs: no but i did get scared this week... the pelvis pressure was getting worse and so i started reading online about what it means and got myself all scared i was going to go into preterm labor... im crazy!
Symptoms: back ache, tiredness, nausea here and there
Belly Button in or out? feels like its getting flatter
Wedding rings on or off? on
Feelings: slightly overwhelmed on where to begin with the nursery...but very excited to start seeing it come together. i have this visioin in my head and im looking forward to seeing how its going to turn out.
Looking forward to: registering this weekend!!!
This weeks developments: taste buds are now working. she is gulping down several ounces of amniotic fluid now.

we had our 20 week appt and it went really well. my cervix is still measuring fine at 3.8 (got longer since last time). we got to see babes girl parts so we could be sure she was infact a girl. :) also, the tech measured everything about the little one. she passed her first test with flying colors, her heart test and the chambers. again, she was called an overachiever because this measurement usually takes some time to see everything, but she did it first and fast! when it came time to measure her spine she flipped around for us to see if all by herself, like we'd told her to. :) and when it came time to see her hands she stuck both of them out to show us... such a good girl! we were proud parents. they also meaured her humerous, femur, brain, head, stomach, kidneys... everything and it all looks great!!! she is measuring about 12 ounces and her heart rate is 153. the only thing of concern that we heard is that my placenta is still low... doc said we have plenty of time for it to move up but... its still low. we will now have to monitor that along with my cervix.

Yay for my first mother's day! bru got me some really cute onsies for baby girl and mom and grams bought her some way cute stuff too! she's spoiled already! eek.

i finally did a little shopping for beebs. I found some ridiculously cute little shoesies! and this A for her nursery.

sooo i finally broke down and watched birthing videos.... OMG!! what have i gotten myself into? i am freeeeaking out now. knew i shouldn't have watched :-/

kinda hard to see my belly in this one...

jenna's wedding!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Week 19 [ May 8, 2012 ]

How far along? 19 weeks 7 days
Baby is the size of: a mango
Total weight gain: fluctuating a lot   {123 to 123.8}
Maternity clothes? just pants... but the belly band is still hanging on to its last few wears
Stretch marks? lathering the cocoa butter on like nobody's biz
Sleep: ugh... my hips have been killing me and I'm feeling really restless (might be the excitement for the party!)
Best moment this week: FINDING OUT IT'S A GIRL!!!! <3
Movement: Gramie, Grampie and Matty got to feel baby making bubbles! And daddy got to feel his little girl on tuesday night, kicking or punching up a storm in there! we were both shocked by what we could feel. it was so cool and special. i can't wait to meet our little fire cracker!
Showing? eh kinda, but its not necessarily a 'pregnant' look...more of a 'thick' look
Food cravings: ice cream!
Anything making you queasy or sick: canned corn 
Gender: IT'S A GIRLIE!!!
Labor Signs: no and hopefully not for awhile 
Symptoms: bloody gums, achey back, hips and pelvis. pinched nerves and zits!! at least i know where those are coming from... the little beauty in my belly! :)
Belly Button in or out? in but it's looking a little different
Wedding rings on or off? on
Feelings: excited, scared, curious, nervous, thrilled, connected. I am flooded with emotions after finding out were having a baby girl. finding out what it is has made this whole thing so much more real. it's really been hitting me hard... i can't believe we are bringing a baby into this world. holy crap!
Looking forward to: starting to plan the nursery, registering and our 20 week appt so we can see our little sweet pea.
This weeks developments: baby is developing a protective layer over her skin called vernix caseosa which will prevent her from coming out looking like a prune! Also, nerve cells for her 5 senses are developing in her brain.


This is my excited face! BOY OR GIRL!?
This is his excited face when picking up the cake

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our Reveal Party!

Baby Lite's BIG Reveal
Saturday, May 5th, 2012
The night of the 'Supermoon'

We had such an exciting time at our reveal party! The suspense had been killing us for a week... looking at that envelope sitting on our table. Finally, the day had come when we could find out!

As you can see we both wore blue. I had decided weeks before I was on team blue but Bru wasn't going to decide until the day of. When it came time to get dressed he pulled out a blue shirt...I was hoping he'd pick pink so we'd have both bases covered! No such luck, we were in consensus...and WRONG-O!
There were little things here and there that made us both believe it was a boy. When the US tech was so quick and sure she'd determined the sex...we just thought boys are easier to tell so it had to be a boy! The way I'm carrying also made me think boy. BUT I should've just gone with my instinct and wore pink. In the very beginning I felt it was a girl, I had dreams back then and recently that all told me girl. The heart rate is high which tends to mean girl. When I dropped off the envelope at the baker and I walked out with visions of pink cake in my head. I've been saying Alivia, Alivia, Alivia over and over in my head lately... why didn't I just listen?!
I know why, I wanted a boy for my dad - a little stud hockey player.
Because I had mentally prepared and envisioned life with a boy (naturally, considering the baby MUST play hockey) I was completely shocked when I saw pink inside that cake. My brain was fooling me by telling myself it was going to be blue and when it saw pink I was so confused! Not in any way, shape or form was I or Bru disappointed or unhappy with the outcome, just thrown for a loop!

We could not be MORE excited to have a little baby girl. I've always wanted a girl, not only to dress up in cute little clothes, but for Brian. He is the most incredible friend and husband, I know he is going to make the BEST daddy... particularly to a little girl. I can see it now... he will be wrapped around he little finger so tightly. It's already happening and I love it. <3
Thank you to those who came to our party, we were so happy we could share this special moment with you!


We can't wait any longer!!

Bru and Nana

Aunt Kiki

Aunt Katy

We think boyyyyyy!

Von, Bell and Soph

Grammie, Grampie and Von

Auntie A+ and Uncle D-

Papa confused on boy or girl


Grams and Gramps

Me and Michelle - 5 months preggo


Uncle Matty

What color is inside?!?

Time to cut the cake!!!

purty cupcakes

diggin' in!

AHHHH IT'S PINK!!!!!!!!!


Honey, you're gonna have a little girl!!

I don't see the little "hamburger"!

Proud parents of a little baby girlie :)

YUMMIEST cake ever!

TEAM BLUE (losers!)

TEAM PINK (winners!)