Friday, January 27, 2012

Telling Mom, Dad and Matt... [ January 27, 2012 ]

It just so happened that I had to see mom the day after I found out and man was it hard not to tell her! Not to mention we went to Cosmo's Beauty Bar for pedis and well... cosmos that night. I was beside myself not being able to tell her, getting my nails painted (not recommended in first trimester) AND trying to nonchalantly play it off that I didn't want a drink because I had a lot to do the following day. If she only knew!

We really didn't want to tell anyone just yet but it was way too hard for me to keep it in. So we decided to tell them on the 27th and I was so nervous for that too! But I was really excited to give them their gifts and see their reactions. Dad has been bugging us for seems like forever to start having babies. He can't wait to have a little hockey player! :)

So here's what we got for each of them...

* A pattern so grammy can start making baby clothes... $5
* Teeny tiny hockey gloves for when baby starts skating with grampy...$20
* A cute tigger stuffy that uncle matty can share with his niece or nephew...$10

The reactions caught on tape....PRICELESS!

(Warning: make sure the volume is LOW for this video)
(and I know, it's sideways... can't fix it)

Needless to say, the family is so excited! Dad especially can't wait another 8 months!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Surprise! [ January 18, 2012 ]

It had been a weird and long couple of days... I wasn't feeling like myself. Wednesday morning rolls around - 4 days out from when aunt flow is supposed to arrive and the soonest you can test for pregnancy. I bought this test about 13 days before then, JUSSSST because I had this funny feeling I might be preggo. I left the box of tests hidden in the medicine cabinet from Bru knowing if he found out what I was contemplating, he'd think I'm a loon. So this Wednesday I speak of, January 18th, rolls around and I woke up... and thought about mayyyybe taking the test... maybe. I was so scared so I just kept getting ready for work trying to ignore that feeling. And then I talked myself into it. I'm not sure I'd ever been so nervous in my life! My hand was shaking uncontrollably as I was trying to pee on that stick - that little stick that was about to change our lives for ever! 

I set the test on the counter and counted in my head to three minutes. As I'm counting, I'm watching this ever so faint little line appear in the "pregnant" circle... I wasn't believing what this all meant. 

Still confused if I was or wasn't preggo, I took a picture of the stick and was off to work. I sat at my desk with a lump in my tummy (in more ways than one), unsure what to do! So I moseyed over to Jenny's desk and didn't say anything, just showed her the pic. "You're pregnant!" she says. I said noooo... it's so faint are you sure that's really what it means? She said "yup! you're pregnant my friend" and gives me a big hug. I felt as though I wasn't me, or in my body, I felt like I was dreaming. I will never forget that feeling of complete and utter shock...REALLY?

Lunch time came around and Robyn talked me into getting a digital test. So I pulled a classy move and went to Walgreens to buy a test and took it right there in the bathroom. Instantly the test said PREGNANT! 

Holy moly... it's now starting to hit me a little more. Now how am I going to tell my hubs?! After work I hurried to the mall to find something that said "daddy" to wrap with the test. That felt like the longest ride home...I was more nervous than I was taking the test! I get in the door and try to act normal, but feeling ridiculously akward and shaky. Bru was making dinner, hands full of chicken and I told him I had something to show him. He asked if it could wait and I quickly said no! He sat down, I put the gift in front of him and he slowly opened it because he said I was "scaring" him. Ha! He opened it and  peeked up at me from under his ball cap... with a smile on his face he asks "when did this happen?" LOL. I'm pretty sure he was there! 

I'd always told myself I just wanted this to happen so I didn't have to make the decision when to start trying to have a babe. So there ya have it! 

We are beyond excited for everything that lies ahead of us and our new family. :)