Tuesday, September 1, 2015

37 weeks | september 1, 2015 | littlest lite

How far along? 37 weeks - FULL TERM WHAT!
Baby is the size of:  a winter melon
Total weight gain: gain of 3.6 { 141.8 to 145.4 } - total gain 35.4...okay, not concerned about losing weight the last two weeks anymore! lol
Stretch marks? no...lathering the coconut oil on like it's my job
Sleep: so. hard. to. turrrrrrn! and it's not comfy to lay on one side for too long
Best moment this week: Liv's 3rd bday party! She had so much fun and got so many wonderful gifts... she really is a lucky little girl. The weather was a little unpredictable but the tent worked out perfectly. I'm so glad that's done and over before miss elle decides to make her debut. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: not really
Labor Signs: contractions. nothing new.
Symptoms:  just getting kicked in the ribs ALL the time. stretching and pulling muscles when sleeping. terrible sciatic nerve pain on my right side. from my lower back to my butt and tingling down to my foot. it was the worst Monday after all the running around i did for liv's party. thank gosh my mom helped so much doing everything otherwise im sure it would've been 100 times worse! it takes my breath away and makes me yelp out in pain... i can't even help it.
Belly Button in or out?  way out!
Wedding rings on or off? one on at a time

Feelings:  just plain TIRED!!!! and uncomfortable. it's hard to move. but getting excited!!
Looking forward to: being done with work and spending plenty of time with my girl... just me and her while daddy works for two weeks straight!

Dr update:measuring 37cm so right on track from the outside! HR was good she said but dunno what it was exactly. Cervix is closed! Group B strep results were negative! 

My sweet birthday girl!
I just wonder what she wished for :)
the drink table
the tent...very simple this year cuz that's just about all i could do! sorry liv! 
Pink lemonade desserts
Just me and my chick!
Love this girl so much!
Leaving for my last week of work!
she's favoring the right side these days... i think liv did at this stage too
just remembering my last days sitting at my desk with this belly!

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