Tuesday, September 22, 2015

40 weeks | september 22, 2015 | littlest lite

How far along? FORTY WEEKS! Officially the MOST pregnant I've ever been!
Baby is the size of:  a jackfruit
Total weight gain: gain of .8 { 145.6 to 146.4 } - total gain 36.4
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: not wonderful. i've been sickish the past week... so coughing and LOTS of peeing
Best moment this week: Just being home <3 and now having bru home... he's been working so much, it's nice to have him home for 10 days
Anything making you queasy or sick: i dont think so
Labor Signs: just uncomfortable and some tan discharge (may be from internal exam) - same and some stronger hicks
Symptoms:  just getting kicked in the ribs ALL the time. stretching and pulling muscles when sleeping. terrible sciatic nerve pain on my right side. from my lower back to my butt and tingling down to my foot. getting kicked in a nerve in my hoo-haa now too
Belly Button in or out?  way out!
Wedding rings on or off? one on at a time and some days not at all

Feelings:  getting very anxious. the anticipation is killing me and I'm not good with surprises so its scary. and i'm worried about when my water will break... i dunno why but it's freaking me out. im just getting to that point where i don't want to be pregs anymore and enough is enough. Nights are hard, im exhausted, feet swelled, im sick with a cold or allergies, have terrible gas, nausea, don't wanna eat and nerve pain like woah. i hate night time! so because of that, it's making me a little more accepting of the change that's about to happen. A little more okay with the thought of sleepless nights (praying she's a good sleeper!) and sore boobies! As bad as that all sounds, it still sounds better than how I've been feeling as of late. I think that's nature's way of getting us moms ready for the freight train that's about to come crashing into our lives! It makes us feel ok with the freight of birth and all that accompanies it! i can't believe how terrified i am this time, i really thought i'd do better since liv's birth was a piece of cake and so magical but truth is, i'm scared shitless! just praying it all goes well, we have a healthy, happy baby and the birth is smooth so i can go home the same day (hahahha i wish) but have to stay only one night so i can be home with my first girl. <3
Looking forward to: not having to worry about a birth chasing me anymore! it's so super exciting and SO super scary all at the same time.

Wednesday Dr update: had the growth scan and elle is 38% which is still tiny but not unhealthy tiny. she's estimating around 7lbs2oz and her 'due date' based on those measurements put her due on or around Oct 4!! i guess that's because it's so hard to predict size once they get to be this big so they give a 16 day window of when the babe could possibly be due. I can't imagine! Her HR was 167 and fluid is good. I only gained .2 on doc's scale. My cervix is about 2-3cm, high and soft. Doc thinks I'll proly go before my due date... something cute, liv asked the US tech for a pic of elle's heart from the ultrasound. Talk about melt my heart! <3 I will go for a non-stress test and another US on Monday.

Monday Dr update: everything looks perfect! babe is happy (even tho she looks grumpy on the US) and content just curled up in my belly. She really didn't wanna move much when the tech was playing with her which is proly why she looked so grumpy! She had very chubby cheeks and big lips like Liv's! My fluid is 13cm which is wonderful considering it's usually about 10cm at this stage in the game. I'm on 2cm dilated and 50% effaced and my cervix is VERY high posterior. Doc said she can stick her finger in and touch babe's head tho! Her HR was all over the place 140's to 170's... during the NST, when she moved, her HR went mid 170's! I go in Friday (Liv's bday) for another NST to make sure she's still good and I'm scheduled to be induced Monday night... i go in at 730 and they start pumping me with drugs to soften and open the cervix and then I'll most likely deliver next Tuesday if she doesn't come before that. Which at this point, I'm okay with her waiting until Saturday... after liv's bday. I really wanna take her to see Hotel Transylvania 2 and get some more 'free leave' days since my short term disability doesn't kick in into i actually deliver. 

our last date to panera and starbucks and target...

had to do a comparison at target

cute little thing for elle's room and matching necklace with liv

helping dad put together the last minute things

out to dinner at the place we were at when i was in labor with liv

snuggles with my girl

aunt p's fundraiser she started at work... everyone missed her

we got to keep aunt p's work badge :)

walking the mall trying to bring on labor

quality park time

last ellie belly shilohette

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