Tuesday, September 22, 2015

39 weeks | september 15, 2015 | littlest lite

How far along? 39 weeks - one more week? this isn't real!
Baby is the size of:  a watermelon
Total weight gain: gain .2 { 145.4 to 145.6 } - total gain 35.6
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: decent. lots of snoring!
Best moment this week: I don't think there's been any one moment... just being home. I'm loving spending so much time with my babe.
Anything making you queasy or sick: not really but occasional nausea
Labor Signs: just uncomfortable and some tan discharge (may be from internal exam)
Symptoms:  just getting kicked in the ribs ALL the time. stretching and pulling muscles when sleeping. terrible sciatic nerve pain on my right side. from my lower back to my butt and tingling down to my foot. 
Belly Button in or out?  way out!
Wedding rings on or off? one on at a time and some days not at all

Feelings:  mixed. my heart aches for the change that's about to turn our lives upside down. BUT then i'm really excited to meet elle and see how she fits into our lives. and as bad as it sounds, im excited to have my body back (somewhat)... it's getting hard some minutes. it's sad thinking it might be my last time pregnant but it's also refreshing thinking it's my last time to feel this way...feels like i've been pregs forever!
Looking forward to: meeting our girl and seeing how liv loves her. <3

Dr update: i don't go until Wednesday!

Kisses for sissy 
Breakfast with aunt Jenna 
Naps with sissy - she insisted <3
Just needed a pic of all of us before she decides to make her entrance 
Sissy the footrest
Just hanging in sissys room
The same cheesy pic I took with my Livvy lump 
Love these shots :)

She's been playing hide and seek behind my belly lately. Lol
Having a nice little sunday - hockey and...
Football! First Bears game of season!
This little girl gave me a hard hard day and finally passed out! 
Craft time! 
One of the pretty little pieces I made for Elle's room 
Going out to enjoy the day 
Catching some rays 
She was such a good girl today! 

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