Tuesday, September 8, 2015

38 weeks | september 8, 2015 | littlest lite

How far along? 38 weeks . . .  this is still mind blowing to me.
Baby is the size of:  a pumpkin! just in time for my favorite season :)
Total weight gain: no change { 145.4 to 145.4 } - total gain 35.4...however i did gain a couple on the doc's scale
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: ehh... not getting better really
Best moment this week: my last day of work on Thursday!!! i was so happy for that day to come and I'm enjoying being home with my little chick.
Anything making you queasy or sick: not really but occasional nausea
Labor Signs: contractions 2-6 mins apart for about 4 hours...ack!
Symptoms:  just getting kicked in the ribs ALL the time. stretching and pulling muscles when sleeping. terrible sciatic nerve pain on my right side. from my lower back to my butt and tingling down to my foot. 
Belly Button in or out?  way out!
Wedding rings on or off? one on at a time and some days not at all

Feelings:  it was an exciting and sad week for bru and i. Thursday was officially his last day of just him and liv and Thursday night was my official last night with just me and liv. and he recognized that way before i did... he got all sappy about it. it was very cute. my last day of work was thursday and he started working days as of Monday so now I'm home during the days and he's home during the nights with us. It's nice to have more together time but it was kinda sad because i know both of us cherish our alone time with her very much. we will just have to be sure to make alone time with her once elle gets here.
Looking forward to: two full weeks of time with my livvy loo. even tho i won't be able to do too much, it will still be nice to have our time together before the unknown occurs. Which I'm worrying about. i just don't want liv to feel slighted in any way and its weighing heavily on me as elles birth nears.

Dr update: 50% effaced and soft. 1cm dilated, 1.5 internal loss, and at station -2. HR was 156. Doc says she thinks I'll go till maybe one or two days before due date if not until my actual due date which is wonderful. when she did the internal exam she could really get a good idea of how big babe is and she said she thinks elle will be at least 7lbs if not more. however, since the growth scan was showing her at a week small, she wants me to have another one next week just to be sure she's not in the 10 percentile. If that's the case, i think they have to take the babe as the assumption is the placenta isn't doing it's full job anymore. we shall see! she also told me i look good for pregnancy :D

last morning facetime sesh
last bathroom bump selfie
my little cutie pie!
daddy soaking up the last few mins before heading off to his last night of work before babes here
his last day with her and my last night with her
she just loves spending time in sissy's room
our last morning waking up next to each other
she just looks so old to me here! wahhhhh
she was sneaking some belly rubs
i ate a basketball for lunch!
just getting used to having a baby in bed with us too!

doctor liv just checking on sissy to make sure she's doing okay :)

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